Patience and Sorrow

I am sure that no one is really reading this blog anymore since it has been so neglected since I broke it 2 years ago. I am working to restore all the photos that I lost when I tried to upgrade my WordPress install. I’m gonna do it a month at a time…so it may take a while. We should be back in business soon enough.

Learning the Distance

All the students at Endeavour Elementary were to participate in the Discovery Fair. The grades were assigned a category.  2nd graders were to complete an “I – Search” project. This was a a question and answer type assignment.

Cali’s topic was:

“How far is the moon from the earth?”


The students had to do research and then to some sort of presentation of their topic:


Cali and I craft-glued green and blue and white tissue paper on styrofoam balls to represent the earth and moon.


She mostly typed up the topic and research info on the computer (me helping here and there) and then it was printed and mounted. Daddy was the genius behind the building of the presentation board.

She drew white stars on the black background. (so cute shooting star !!!)


The school had a night scheduled for the students to display their hard work for all to see! *well, mostly all… a couple ‘website’ designs weren’t not displayed for fear of the computer equipment being swiped!

IMG_1258 IMG_1259

Cali and her friend with their I-Search projects!

She (and all of the rest of the second graders, I’m pretty sure :) received a ribbon for their projects.


I think she was to be graded (20pts possible), but I’ve yet to see any report of what she received.

~ I think her project turned out Pretty Dang Awesome ~

We are so proud of you, Sweet Cali and all your wonderful successes in school! We love you!